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Can I heat my house with a gas cylinder?
Heating has never been so easy!

Individual gas cylinder heating in a detached house is a good alternative when there is no possibility of connecting to a mains supply. The cost of heating with gas is much lower than that of heating with electricity, solid fuels and diesel.

The heat output of the system is enough to heat the house, to heat enough water. It is possible to make autonomous cylinder gas heating of a country house or cottage in a simple way.

About the product

Independent gas heating is a set consisting of a compact, easily mounted, outdoor, hard-backed, powder-coated stainless steel cabinet that requires very little space and will blend perfectly with the facade of your building, and six gas cylinders that are mounted outside in the area in the cabinet.

Using more than one gas cylinder in the system allows you to increase the time between refuelling. A special double-arm manifold is used for this purpose, dividing the cylinder capacities into two groups: a main cylinder and a reserve cylinder.

The space for the gas boiler is easy to find due to the compact size of the device. A small space in a boiler room or utility room will do.

You can eliminate the need for stacking firewood in the yard or the soot and sweeping away the ash. You can spend more time with your family.

With the purchase of the system, you become a full owner, independent of subscription fees.

Totally safe!
The system consumes fuel efficiently and economically
Smartphone control from anywhere in the world
Configurable SMS notification when gas is nearing the end of its service life
Quick and easy installation (1-2 days)
System adapted to Latvian winter conditions
Quiet operation
Clean operation

Gas heating system - the best choice

Suitable for all types of private homes and heating systems Suitable for me?
Older homes
Older homes and renovated houses
New build homes
Radiator heating
Floor heating

Purchasing an independent gas system

Low-cost home gas connection
Detailed information and answers to questions about gas heating
Goods will be delivered within 3-15 days
We will install the device within 1-2 days
We provide maintenance services, both under warranty and post-warranty
Continuous gas supply
Contract with our partners for the continuous supply of gas to your unit

Gas heating kits

Gas heating kit
Propane gas cabinet
560 €
Cubicle made of galvanised steel, powder-coated. Gas cupboard dimensions: width - 1m; height - 1m 20cm; depth - 0.80m.
Gas heating kit
2 300 €
Gas condensing boiler with closed combustion chamber. Propane gas cabinet for six cylinders with manual switching, chimney system.
Gas heating kit
2 800 €
Gas condensing boiler with closed combustion chamber. Propane gas cabinet for six cylinders with automatic switching, chimney system.
Gas heating kit
3 300 €
Gas condensing boiler with closed combustion chamber. Manually switchable propane gas cabinet for six cylinders, flue gas system, GSM alarm system.
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About us

SIA "BAUPRO.LV" was founded in 2018. The main office is located in Riga, Latvia, at 31B Valmieras Street. The company trades and installs gas heating equipment throughout Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We offer design, maintenance, repair, restoration or complete replacement of gas equipment. Our specialists are trained and certified by representation of BOSCH, BUDERUS, VIESMANN, and have the right to install, maintain and carry out warranty works.
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Question / Answer
Who is suitable for a gas cylinder heating system?
Liquefied gas cylinders can be used for independent heating of private homes and holiday homes. Six 79 litre gas cylinders are connected to the heating system. The system is easy to operate and manage, environmentally friendly, can be installed at any time and provides quick hot water heating and the possibility to cook food on a gas cooker, and can be installed anywhere in Latvia. You can switch to an autonomous heating system with gas cylinders both if you have not had a gas mains connection before and if you have previously used diesel or other heat sources. Connection to a gas cylinder heating system does not require additional pipes or other internal work in the house.
How do I know when it is time to change the gas cylinders in my system?
The gas cylinder heating system is equipped with a switching valve, to which an indicator attached shows on which gas cylinders the system is currently running (main or reserve). The system initially runs on three main cylinders, but once the main gas cylinders run out of gas, the automation system installed automatically switches to the reserve gas cylinders, if no automation is available, this must be done manually.
How stable is the gas cylinder heating system at sub-zero outside temperatures?
The gas cylinder heating system uses cylinders with pure propane. Pure propane steadily evaporates at temperatures down to -40°C. Therefore, your gas cylinder heating system will operate stably even at very low outside temperatures.
Do I need a project for the installation of the gas cabinet?
According to the current building regulations of the Republic of Latvia, a project for the installation of the gas cabinet and the installation of the internal gas pipeline is required before starting the installation work. This project does not need to be approved by the building board.
What are the dimensions of a gas wardrobe?
The dimensions of the gas wardrobe: width - 1m; height - 1m 20cm; depth - 0.80m. If you are not yet our customer, sign up for a free consultation and our specialists will soon calculate the cost of the project, which includes the installation and connection costs of the gas closet.
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